Coogan Auto

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Coogan Auto, a comedy webseries, premiered on Youtube’s LOUD Channel in January. KAP’s Jason Berger co-directed the irreverent comedy with Rob Riggle. The series was produced and edited by KAP.

Tiny Commando

Tiny Commando

Kids at play produced Tiny Commando, an action comedy starring Ed Helms and Zachary Levi. The series centers on a 4 inch tall former NAVY SEAL-turned-private investigator who solves tiny crimes — when he’s not fighting off a super villain who’s also tiny.


Kids at Play Reel

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Kids at Play has produced numerous projects for  TV, film, and the web. For a showcase of our work, check out our reel here.

We Need Help

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We Need Help, a comedy webseries, premiered on Yahoo! in September.  The series was produced and edited by KAP and stars Cheryl Hines and Rachael Harris as hyperbolized versions of themselves in a world where they share an assistant.

You’re Doing It Wrong

YDIW Title Page

You’re Doing It Wrong is a web series produced and edited by KAP for PBS Digital Studios. Each week, hosts Randy and Jason Sklar break down the science behind everyday actions, explain historical back stories, and provide solutions on how to correct errant behaviors.

Only Good Surprises

Stubhub Kings Still

Only Good Surprises is a hidden camera show produced and edited by KAP for Stub Hub.  USC fans, Kings fans and Katy Perry fans get pranked with fake fees and are then rewarded with upgrades.

Anthony Eats America

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Anthony Anderson stars in ‘Anthony Eats America’, where he travels the nation looking for the best home-cooked food he can find.  This webseries was produced and edited by KAP.